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Calvin Skin & Laser Center is one of the leading One-Stop Professional Beauty Solutions Center resided in the city of Klang, Selangor.

We offer a full range of signature skin refining treatments for all the skin types (i.e. Facial, Laser for pimples, pores, pigmentation and aging skin & Aesthetic treatments), embroidery services (for eyebrow, eyeliner & lips), and beauty academy courses. We tailor each customer with the best solution by focusing on your skin problems.

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Why Clients Choose Us?

At Calvin Skin Laser Center , you will get a customized treatment program with a clear focus on your goals and results. We helps you to achieve your desired skin results, skin goals, and healthy skin conditions. We treat clients at all ages, all skin problem levels, and we can always tailor the best treatment program that works for you. We offer any Skin Laser and Aesthetic Treatment Program with confidence and guaranteed results.

Whether you are looking to get rid of Stubborn Acne, Pigmentations , Oily , Sensitive Skin, Uneven Skin Tone, Acne Deep Scars, Open pores, Dry Skin, Telangiectasia, Birthmark, Melasma, Skin tags, Oil seeds, Eyebrow Embroidery Removal, Loose skin and build collagen for V-Shape or simply achieve a better Skin condition. the Calvin Skin Laser Center philosophy is simple: pairs you with a professional and quality Skin Treatment program tailored just for you. WE TREAT , WE HEAL, WE BEAUTIFY.

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Our missions are to provide most professional skin treatment services with 100% results guaranteed with professional skin knowledge to solve our client’s needs from every angle of problematic skin turns to beauty & confident. We believe skin is the most valuable shirt on our body.


Visions are we make sure the most safest and innovative natural ways to use to solve our client’s skin problems. Not giving up to analyze and study about skin knowledge and skills to upgrade ourselves because we believe beauty is an natural art in our lives. Last but not least, using our most advanced technology machines are our weapon too to solve our clients skin problems but with professional and trained skills. Believe that our services and results are PRICELESS regardless of the price that we invest in our technology, products and services.

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Signature Skin Refining Laser Treatment

Using an unique Formula, the expertise to operate, the skin is improve in the most effective and safe situation.

Signature Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel laser is an efficient laser treatment which restores your skin to the original texture by erasing spots, scars from acne or surgery and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Dpt E-Light Hair Permanent Hair Removal

Dpt E-Light Hair Removal Laser is the best technology for permanent hair reduction.

Dpt E light non surgical V Lift

Dpt V-Lifting is a non surgical lifting treatment which replace surgery treatment like Thread lift, Plastic surgery lifting treatments.

Diamond Peel Laser

Is a non-invasive procedure and is sometimes called the charcoal facial or charcoal Laser.

Embroidery services

Successfully obtained the one-stop International Diploma in Embroidery. We will serve you with professional craftsmanship and correct tattoo knowledge!

Customer Reviews

Words From Clients

  • I have purchased the products and the results are really good. Love it so so much.... It lightened my pigmentation and close up my pores. The texture is so smooth. I highly recommend it...

    Carina Loke
  • Received the amazing natural skincare products from Calvin. I feel safe to use it.

    John Lim
  • I never try such an amazing products before. You must try then you will know the results. It brighten my skin and now I have a great appearance compare to before. Thank you Calvin!

    Regina Teh
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Will laser make skin become thinner?

No. Not only your skin will be more elastic, more whiten, more younger, but also because we have our own formula which is the safest way to prevent allergy and prevent skin become thinner. Compare to others, we are confident in our own formula lasers which will only bring benefits to your skin, and also no redness, no peeling, no downtime.

How long will your downtime take for Derma Roller?

within 10 days-14 days, but if you follow our skin care routine and procedures, it will only take within 3-5 days to be able to fully recover. We prescribe skin care products professionally according to your personal skin condition.

How long will your downtime take for Fractional Co2 Laser?

it depends on what skin problem you are targeting. Professional advise and skin care products will be given to enhance the recover process.

is your skin care products natural? Any chemical?

no, we promise safe and effective result as it is one of our missions. All ingredients used are described on our skin care products. All of our skin care products are customized specifically for customer’s skin problems, therefore, we can guarantee the outcomes if you follow our prescribed procedures.

What will I look after Embroidery services?

no matter in eyebrow embroidery, eyeliner embroidery, or lips embroidery, we can guarantee that you will look nicer after our services. Because we have professional embroidery experts in our center. They will help our customers to customize the most suitable shape, color and also style that perfectly suits our customers.

How long is the touch up period up for Embroidery services?

1-3 months.

how long have you been in skin specialist and clinic field?

6 years.

I have allergy skin after using specific brand of skin care products, how long will it take to recover?

depends on how serious your allergy is. For some allergy skin, it may take 3-4 months to recover and gain back your healthy skin. For some serious allergy problem skin, it may take up to 8 months. Of course, given that you have the most suitable and natural skin care products that customize on your skin problems. Therefore, consultation is a must before proceeding to treatments or products, our professional skin consultant and skin therapist will provide you the best advises.

I wrongly using a skin care brand that consist a lot of steroids preciously, why my skin turns out to be worst after using Calvin’s Formula skin care products?

One or two out of thousand of peoples have this kind of symptom. This is mainly due to our skin care products are all made with natural ingredients, and it mainly helps in repairing skin barriers and let your skin regenerate the new healthy skin. Hence, when your skin consist these symptoms, it is a good sign that indicates your skin is improving and repairing.
The improvement response has the following symptoms:

(i) produce small erythema / small rash:
Indicates that the health of the skin is improving. This is because the skin care products in the dermis layer play a role in the dermal layer, which enhances the metabolism of the cells, and the skin metabolizes the waste material. Then, during the process of excreting the body, it is squeezed into the microvessels in the dermis layer, so Small erythema or small rash on the surface of the skin.

(ii) itchy skin or slight tingling
Indicates that the density and thickness of the skin is increasing. This is because the activity of the fibroblasts is enhanced, and the collagen and elastin in the dermis are beginning to increase in a large amount, and the firmness, elasticity, and moisturizing effect required for healthy skin are achieved by these means. Collagen and elastin will affect the nerve plexus in the dermis during the process of production, so it will cause itching and slight tingling.

(iii) acne
Acne muscle, skin with acne pits, the use of pure natural skin care products after the emergence of acne is relatively high. This is directly related to products or ointments that have previously been used with hormones. Hormone products or ointments inhibit the toxins of the skin. It is a good sign to have acnes after using natural skin care products. It is necessary to let the toxins excrete from your skin. This is very helpful for the cure of acne and the repair of acne pits.

(iv) peeling
As the density and thickness of the skin increase, the epidermal keratinocytes produce new inactive keratinocytes that slowly build up into the stratum corneum to help the skin improve its ability to protect itself. At the same time, the original stratum corneum does not activate the keratinocytes to fall off, which is called peeling. In such a situation, don't panic, you should be happy because your skin cells are starting to become healthier.

(v) skin tone turns dark
From the principle of pigmentation, the pigment is in the dermis layer. After using the active ingredient product, melanin begins to metabolize from the inside out, and then metabolizes to the dermis layer. If the customer's skin has used a whitening product containing lead mercury and other components, the chance of skin become dark is much higher than that of normal skin, and the situation of darkening is deeper. Regardless of whether the situation of the dark part is deep or shallow, it is necessary to strengthen the skin moisture supplement and adhere to the use of suitable products. During the repair process, the skin metabolism will be accelerated, the pigmentation will be discharged, and the spots or acne marks will be gradually faded. Do not give up halfway. It can be taken with hyaluronic acid to help metabolize pigments faster. Under normal circumstances, the skin's metabolic cycle is 28 days, and the blackening condition usually occurs in a week or a half or so. If this happens, don't panic, this phenomenon will slowly disappear, the speed of disappearance is related to the condition of care and the skin condition of each person, about 5-30 days.

what services do you provide?

all skin laser services, aesthetics, embroidery, skin care products distribution and courses.

What courses do you provide in your center?

Professional Beauty Aesthetic Courses, Cosmetology, Embroidery courses.

What’s so unique about our skin care products?

all of our skin care products are made of natural ingredients. They are non-greasy, no chemical, no medications, and no side effects. We customize our skin care products specifically for customer’s skin problems. Besides, you don’t need to have too many skin care products in your home, but with our products, you will only need a few of it depending on the needs.